Fashioning the Object: Bless, Boudicca, Sandra Backlund

Location and Dates:
Tel Aviv Museum of Art
November 28, 2012 – April 1, 2013

The Art Institute of Chicago
April 14–September 16, 2012

Zoë Ryan

Fashioning the Object: Bless, Boudicca, Sandra Backlund
AIC/Yale University Press, 2011

Zoë Ryan

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Bless, Boudicca, and Sandra Backlund are three of the most visionary fashion designers working today. Based in Paris and Berlin, London and Stockholm, respectively, their work is inspired by disciplines as diverse as fine art, performance, design, and architecture. Their inventive designs for clothing and accessories explore the creative process and respond to the social, political, and cultural environment. 

Created in collaboration with each designer, this exhibition included three custom-designed installations that transformed traditional methods of fashion presentation by employing film, photography, graphic design and installation art to emphasize the narratives that frame their designs and working process. The result was an immersive environment that overturned conformist approaches to fashion, opening up the world of clothing and accessories to embrace the cultural and social significance of design.